Seed2Shirt Farmer Enrichment Program

Seed2Shirt Farmer Enrichment program is built on supporting the farmers who make everything possible. We are proud of our relationship  with the organic cotton farmers of Burkina Faso and the Union of Cotton Producers (UNPCB). We look forward to working with you, the farmer, to support building a better, brighter future for all those involved in organic cotton production in the county 

Our program focuses on women farmers, soil health, improved livelihood through small hold farmer business training and much more. Our program will span all 8-organic cotton production regions: Fada, Tenkodogo, Ziro, Ioba, Banfora, Oubritenga Nayala Kossi. Our program will launching in each region in phases working with our UNPCB partners for smooth execution.

We can’t wait to get started working with you and the needs on your farm!

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