Course Overview

Small Hold Farmer Business Training Course: Training to enhance farm business understanding, and increase earnings of the farmer from all crops planted on the farm. Farmers will learn how to create business plans models for their other crops and other business goals.

Integrated Crop Management & Irrigation: Training in crop rotation, cover cropping, companion planting, integrated pest management (IMP), development of a crop  management plan will focus on the benefits of companion planting, improving microbial community composition.

Soil Nutrient Management: This will focuses on increasing soil matter. This will cover ways/methods to increase both the macro (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) and micronutrients (boron, copper, zinc, etc.) in the soil.

Organic Manure Production: Training will cover how to create and distribute the product for improving cotton yields.  Regarding manure production, we will work to develop a model for distribution and support a full distribution plan that works for all farmers.

Harvest & Post Harvest Techniques Training: Will focus on techniques that improve soil quality and retain soil organic matter. We will support mechanization areas of improvements such as use of a tractor for on farm harvest needs, infrastructure improvements that include cotton storage  capacity improvements.

Organic Export & Expanding Your Reach: We will cover what markets exist for your product regionally and internationally, certification and maintaining certification prior/during export specifics on  (Intra-Africa trade) key forms and resources.