Meet your Trainers

Ms. Tameka Peoples: Expert cotton export specialist and AgriBusiness development. Set to train our UNPCB farmer team on all things regional and international agriculture market access.

Dr. Judy Daniels: A Phd in soil health systems and your lead soil scientist providing you support and detailed knowledge on soil health & best practices on organic growing.

Mrs. Bambara Cheryl: Our National Farm Program Director of Inclusive Programs will lead implementation for women focused programs and Organic Cotton farming within Burkina Faso. She is set to support all your training needs.

Ms. Masabata Sebusi: Expert and certified small hold farmer business training expert. Set to take you through key business farm training, finance and resources.

Ms. Armelle Boussidan: Expert linguist/interpreter and regenerative systems specialist. Working to bring all systems and programs in place to support each small-hold farmer.

Dr. Arika Virapongse: A PhD in cultural regenerative systems and your farmer program lead in ensuring cultural relevant regenerative systems consider all community/cultural areas  for implementation.

Mr. Rohan-Guyot-Southerland: Professor of regenerative agriculture systems. Ready to support a broad spectrum organic planting system for each farmer’s success.