Small Hold Farmer Business Training Course

Small Hold Farmer Business Training Course: Training to enhance farm business understanding, and increase earnings of the farmer from all crops planted on the farm. Farmers will learn how to create business plans models for their other crops and other business goals.

Module 1: Farm Business Basics

Lesson 1: What’s a “Farm” Business – It’s Just Business
Lesson 2: Profit & Loss
Lesson 3: Credits
Lesson 4: Money for Living
Lesson 5: Avoiding Failure
Lesson 6: Business Community

Module 2: Plan to Succeeds Basics

Lesson 1: Business Ideas
Lesson 2: The Business Plan
Lesson 3: Marketing
Lesson 4: The Money Plan
Lesson 5: What You Need
Lesson 6: Loans/Finance

Module 3: Maintain & Growds Basics

Lesson 1: Keeping Records
Lesson 2: Business Activities
Lesson 3: Sustaining Life /Business  
Lesson 4: Your Next Steps / Passing It On – Legacy

Module 4: Templates & Resources

More soon.

Module 5: Summation – Evaluation & Implementation

More soon.